Williams' Game Master Application

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Williams' Game Master Application

Post  BigWill on Mon Apr 06, 2009 2:57 pm


:None yet


Reason:To make a difference with servers. Also to get some relaxation, because gaming helps me relax because i have constant work due to my career choice.

How will you help:

Because i would make a great attachment to your team. I could help members with issue so they do not have to go to admins/owner so you can do the most important things like codeing.

Do you understand the GM code?
:Ive been a gm in many servers so i understand the codes.

Do you know any commands?
:Yes, i have the whole list of codes.

What will you do when you get this position?[/b]:ICould help moderate the players to make sure everything runs smoothly. Also i could help with events so the coders/owner don't waste lots of there time being asked to start events.
Anymore you would like to say?
:Ive been a gm in these servers
kiraMS(60 Members),DevilsMS(160),ButterMS(300),Coolms(210,the old one),SoapMS(670),ChoazMS(112)


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