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GM Application

Post  julienkp on Mon Sep 01, 2008 1:11 pm




Reason:Beacause i love Maple Story and i want people to have fun

How will i help:i could make events, look for hackers and ban them, answer questions and help players

Do you understand the GM code?: yes

Do you know any commands?: yes i know a lot of commands and also i have a GM handobook

What will you do when you get this position?:i will do what the admins tell me to do

Anymore you would like to say?:
-I live in Canada
-I was A GM in another server but it got shut down
-i can be on the server 5 hours a day (but i have school)
-I am very friendly and fun but i can be very serious (with hackers)
-I will not do stupid stuff like ban players for nothing


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